There are more than 8,000 film clubs in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Denmark and Sweden and research with teachers shows that:

  • 87% of leaders of a film clubs said it increases global and cultural awareness and understanding
  • 90% said it enhances pupils’ ability to share and debate their conclusions
  • 81% said it increases members’ critical skills
  • 54% said it enhances pupils’ reading and writing skills

Research with pupils suggested that

  • 69% of members said they feel more motivated to learn as a result of belonging to a film club
  • 92% said it has increased their enjoyment of school
  • 59% said it has helped them with their English studies
  • 50% had read a book of a film they had seen at their film club
  • 86% said they have watched a film in their film club that they would not otherwise have chosen to watch at home or at the cinema

Pupils, teachers and educationalists in those counties are extremely positive and here are a few of their views:

“Film club provides a shared cultural experience for some children who would otherwise have little or no access to culture” Teacher

“We have noticed a huge improvement in the speaking and listening skills of the pupils who attend film club. All the members are now more confident in school generally” Teacher

“Film club is the best thing about school. It’s the reason I get up in the morning.” Pupil

“I think it’s more fun because at home you’re watching films on your own. But here, we’re like a family, we can discuss them” Pupil

“At film club, you are never wrong.” Pupil

“Film, more than any other medium, reflects back to us our dreams and our aspirations. Not only can it enrich the quality of our lives, it can help us arrive at a far better understanding of the lives of others.” Lord Puttnam, educationalist & filmmaker talking about the positive benefits of film clubs