Lithunaian film clubs

Set up a film club in your school. It’s a great way to engage children in learning and it’s free. We are looking for 100 schools to take part in a pilot to test the idea in Cyprus. You will be in good company and at Lithunaian film clubs we are working with the film industry, partners in the UK and other pilots in Latvia and Georgia as part of a European Commission funded programme to support film literacy across Europe. 

Films cost billions of euros to make and they are already paid for with excellent production values telling every conceivable human story. Why wouldn’t we want to make this high quality educational resource available in schools across Lithuania and beyond?

The territory of film is borderless helping us interpret our own cultural identity as well as what it means to be European and a citizen of the world. Films can help bring history, geography, langauge and a range of other subjects to life. We want to put its creative and educational power in the hands of teachers in Lithuania to engage young people in learning. Being a member of a film club increases communication skills, critical thinking, confidence, literacy and gives insights to a wide range of curriculum subjects.